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Ecto - Camp Chair by firepit

Ecto Chair

Ecto - Universal Ecto Cover Fit


e5V ecto Lithium Ion Battery

Built for wherever the journey leads. The all new 15000 mah, 5V Lithium Ion pack is both durable and compact

ectoCORE Temperature Regulation

Optimizes heating or cooling around the human prime zone

Arctica Cooling

Ice cold water circulates through 36' of high tech thermal tubing to keep you cool on hot days

Chill Seal

Hyper insulated lines from the cooler to the seat with no losses and no condensation

STEALTH Pump Technology

Ultra quiet, self priming, line clearing

HEATwave Heating

Uses ultra efficient carbon fiber elements to provide hours of comfortable heating at temperatures of up to 130F to keep you warm on cold winter days

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ECTO has reinvented comfort through dual cooling & heating technology

World's First

TEAM ecto

Aaron Carmack
Founder and CEO

Mark Huggins
EVP Business Development

Porter Whitmire
EVP Product Development

Alex Wu
GM Asia Operations

Shain Brady
EVP eCommerce


Please visit our website at ectolifestyle.com
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The e5V USB battery powers the entire system. A super quiet stealth pump circulates ice water from any cooler into the chair where it winds through 36’ of thermal tubing and then goes back to the cooler to be chilled again. The battery also directly powers multiple carbon fiber heating pads.

Yes, multiple patents have been filed and we will continue to invest heavily in Intellectual Property.
Yes, the system in completely waterproof and runs on a low voltage standard USB battery voltage.
Both the heating elements and the water pump for cooling are powered by standard USB. Any power bank or corded charger can run the system. ECTO products come with a 15000 mah (super high capacity) battery pack that can also charge your phone or any other USB powered device.
The pump for cooling will run over 24 hours straight in maximum cooling mode. For heating the system will run about 4 hours on high (140F), 6 hours on Medium (120F), and 8 hours on Low (105F).
NO, our diaphragm pump will pump air behind the last water intake to purge the whole system.
1 year
The system is actually quite simple – just 5 parts – battery, pump, chair, heating/ cooling pad, and the cooling lines. Each can be replaced easily by contacting our customer service team.
Yes, all electronics and the chairs will be full certified.
One major retailer has confirmed already with more being confirmed. It will also be available on ectolifestyle.com.


DC low voltage system

FCC / CE certified battery pack

Over charge and electrical short protection in the battery

Flexible super tough carbon fiber heating elements

Thermal overload protection on the heating elements

Water resistant covers to protect all system components

Durable high capacity rated chair frames

Automatic shut off with heat sensors